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Words & music

 Ed Pickford © prs

Do you remember the forests of youth

Where we would lie with the sky for a roof

We sang old folk-songs while searching for truth

We only lived in the moment

Green velvet trees seemed to hold up the sky

Birds on the breeze screamed a sweet lullaby

Those were the days that will live til we die

Times that will warm us forever


We never talked about pensions those days

We lived our life in a deep purple haze

Blinded by the light in a bright crystal maze

We never talked about pensions those days

Walked upon mountains  in sweet scented air

By nature’s fountains where beauty is bare

Followed our bliss as the young only dare

Destiny danced there before us

Those are the pathways that always renew

Spring never fades and the sweet morning dew

Clings to the rose as it grows  near the yew

Blood-red with flowers of passion


Deep in the woods now we lie on the grass

Journey of Fate is etched deep in the glass

Ghosts  at the gate wait for all who must pass

When their adventure has ended

We were both young when we sat down to dine

Music was food when we drank from the vine

Now we have eaten up most of our time

We still have songs & the memories


We Never Talked About Pensions Those Days