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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

Gateshead, Gateshead, Klondyke of the Tyne

Gateshead is a canny place - the folks are nice as nice

Even if you divvent ask - they’ll give you their advice

Now they’ve found below the ground - where once they dug the coal

Thermal heat as hot as Crete - so let the good times roll


Gateshead, Gateshead - Klondyke on the Tyne

Turning water into gold - that they find down the mine

Devil’s well that’s hot as Hell - has answered all their prayers

Satan’s wine from Gateshead’s mine - will make them millionaires

Texas soil has sweet crude oil - they call it Texas tea

Gateshead soil makes water boil - why aye man and it’s free

Oil pollutes the atmosphere - and makes the world decline

Texas tea’s nee good to me - I’ll stick with Gateshead wine


Granddad spent his mining days - in hoggers and a vest

Digging coal in Gateshead mines - and granddad nivver guessed

Water from them Gateshead pits - he knew in days of old

Hev us dining at The Ritz - for it’s now turned to gold



Angel of the North