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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

Christopher Drummond is now fast asleep

Killed in a chimney they forced him to sweep

Seven years old he was earning his keep

He was a boy in child labour

Christopher Drummond eighteen seven-two

Climbed to his death for no reason he knew

Drew his last breath in a fernery flue

He was a boy in child labour


Robbed of a childhood with no chance to play

Child labour slaves are still slaving today

Washington Hall home to Isaac L Bell

Witnessed it all as it rang the death knell

For this small boy in its luxury hell

Grave to a slave of child labour

Christopher Drummond pulled down by a rope

Lay in ‘The Cross Keys’ a pub where all hope

Left his small body washed clean by green soap

Grave took this slave of child labour


Chimney Sweeps Act was then 30 years old

Yet it’s a fact he was bought & was sold

Christopher Drummond lay lifeless & cold

He paid the price of child labour

What of the master a man called Tom Clark?

Cause of disaster & death in the dark

6 months in jail for this murdering shark

That was the price of child labour


Christopher Drummond - Chimney Sweep