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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

North of the Humber & South of the Tweed

Land of St. Cuthbert, St. Hilda, St. Bede

There was a kingdom with war for a creed

And it went by the name of Northumbria

Deira, Bernicia, split by the Tees

Swore an allegiance and both bent their knees

Oswald was king in a land of unease

And it went by the name Northumbria


       Northumbria, Northumbria

Sacred & savage Northumbria

Freeman & slave & a king & his thane

Wild Anglo-Saxon & flaxen domain

Grave to the brave who in battle were slain

And it went by the name of Northumbria

Bamburgh, York like two hawks on a gate

Guarded their kingdom as time danced with fate

Who was the hunter and who was the bait?

In the turbulent state of Northumbria

Warrior code was the mode of a life

Destiny rode with a sword and the knife

Blood freely flowed on an altar of strife

In the earth that gave birth to Northumbria


Destiny’s wings bring all kings to Hell’s Gate

Rings on the bell to tell demons of Fate

Mortal is Man even great heads of State

In the flame & the fire of Northumbria

Justice was brutal - existence was brief

God & the Gods were the core of belief

Conflict & combat - a cauldron of grief

Was the Old English kingdom Northumbria


Two thousand years has stood Hadrian’s Wall

Time-weathered stone left alone to recall

All things must pass and all kingdoms must fall

But remembered in name is Northumbria

Lindisfarne Isle is a sanctified shrine

Celtic & Christian reaching through time

Back to St.Aidan, the kings & their line

And it’s song is the song of Northumbria