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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS


Claiming right by conquest - raiders took their land

Then they took their language - speaking it was banned

Then they took their children - roots torn from the earth

Ripped them from their culture - land that gave them birth

Some came with a bible - some came with a sword

Some came for survival - all had one accord

Conquer by invasion - steal enslave abuse

Use might as persuasion - saving souls their ruse


Indigenous, indigenous - native to the land

Indigenous, indigenous - tried to make a stand

Fighting the invaders with their bible & their sword

Pestilent crusaders who claim in the name of God

Persecuted pilgrims - wanted to be free

Founded a New England - gained their liberty

Pilgrims gained their freedom - It came at a cost

To the native peoples - land that they then lost

War, disease & conquest - plunder & deceit

Follow in the footsteps - of the raider’s feet

Time when it uncovers - carnage of the past

Much too discovers - how the die was cast


Victors write the story - victors always lie

In the name of progress - truth is first to die

Kill, enslave & torture - subjugate despise

In the name of Jesus - lies will colonize

What a piece of work is Man - said the doleful Prince

He proclaims his noble plan - to himself convince

That his motives are sincere - forged by good intent

But his actions soon make clear - fear will bring lament