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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

My Home Town is Canny Shields

We all carry feelings warm

For the place where we were born

Mine I think of every dawn

South Shields Town to which I’m sworn


Canny Shields canny Shields

My home town is canny Shields

Fish & ships & pulley wheels

My home town is canny Shields

There’s a fort where Romans fought

High above the seaside port

South Shields town where Wouldhave wrought

World’s first lifeboat I was taught


Kittiwakes at Marsden Rock

Business Park at old Tyne Dock

Boating lake and town hall clock

Customs House where people flock


Statue stands near North Sea shore

John Kirkpatrick - Anzac Corps

On his donkey that man bore

Hundreds in the First World War


Catherine Cookson with her pen

Traced the lives of wives and men

From the Shields of way back when

Brought them back to life again


Westoe Pit where mining moles

Under North Sea dug the coals

All gone now as by time rolls

That’s my town of canny souls