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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

Let Your Instinct be Your Guide

I don’t know why - the willows cry

The bridges sigh - or the time flies by

I only know - that snow can snow

And wind can blow - and the rivers flow

Nature does things naturally

That’s the way it ought to be

If you want to ride the tide

Let your instinct be your guide


Let your instinct be your voice

Never second guess its choice

When your head & heart collide

Let your instinct be your guide

A tuning fork - well it can’t talk

And it can’t walk - and sure can’t squawk

But when it’s stirred - it’s voice is heard

It’s wings are blurred - like a Hummingbird

Primal voice in concert key

Makes the choice inside of me

When the time comes to decide

I let instinct be my guide


On fortune’s wheel - we wound or heal

But if we feel - then we know it’s real

We dance our dance - on whims of chance

A waking trance - of a life’s romance

Read with ears and you’ll be wise

Sing through tears your hopes will rise

Shed the chains of foolish pride

Let your instinct be your guide