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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

Down in the Garden of Corporate Greed

There’s a world unreal made of glass & steel

Where they deal in stocks & shares

No voracious eel has rapacious zeal

Like the hedge-fund millionaires

It’s a garden where if you don’t care care

They will steal your wealth by stealth

So be wise beware of the bull and bear

Who are bad for fiscal health


Down in the garden of corporate greed

Where Beelzebub does dwell

Bats & rats & the fat-cats breed

And the air has a sulphur smell

Bulls & bears as they buy-sell shares

Think the world is theirs to own

Down in the garden where the fat-cats feed

And the seeds of greed are sown

There’s a ruling clique who exploit the weak

And who seek to rule your life

They are tough as teak with a vicious streak

And an asset-stripping knife

They connive they strive they can stay alive

In a shark-infested pool

They can duck & dive and survive and thrive

Where it’s cool to be a ghoul


Now it’s oh so plain that the search for gain

Where the money never sleeps

Brings a lot of pain & it must explain

Why the Lady Justice weeps

It’s an old old tale and it should be stale

Yet it’s fresh as morning dew

We can lift the veil let the truth set sail

But it’s up to me & you