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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

Tally-ho the huntsmen cry - the quarry is in sight

Blood & guts will satisfy - the huntsmen’s appetite

But one hunter world around - who’s foremost without shame

Is the loathsome creep who plays - the rubbernecking game


Rubbernecking - rubbernecking

One things true - through life I reckon

It’s that you - view rubbernecking

From Peru - to Ecclefechan

Members of the caoutchouc** tribe - that’s rubber tree to you  **(cow-chook)

All have bungee necks to check - a fatal wreck or two

Their eyes gaze like eyes that blaze - from skulls of living dead

Zombies feed where people bleed - and angels fear to tread


Eyes on storks like champagne corks - go popping in the crowd

Standing there to drool and stare - as welcome as a shroud

Toxic eyes that swarm like flies - to spark their optic nerves

Dorks that gawk and hunt like hawks - are voyeuristic pervs


Heard a rubbernecker died - his funeral arranged

People stood at his graveside - condolences exchanged

No sight of his corpse was seen - then someone cried out loud

He’s not in his coffin man - he’s in the bloody crowd


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