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Ed Pickford Songs


When I first made a website in 2002 it was primarily to publicise & sell my songbook.

Time, technology and the creative process moves on - and - although the songbook is still available [see navigation bar] - the redesigned site has a different focus.

The purpose now is simply to share something up on the web that can be viewed out of curiosity or interest.

Creating things is worthwhile and  I have included in this website some of the songs I have had fun in making.

If you do spend a few minutes browsing in the browser and let your mouse pointer hover over the sections on the navigation bar at the top of the page -  I hope you find something of interest - and - if it provides you with any inspiration - great.

My old friend Jim Sharp has just made a CD of 12 of my songs - plus - one bonus - track with me &  Barrie & Ingrid Temple.

Best wishes always - Ed Pickford


Photo: Ray Wilson

NEW - CD - Jim Sharp sings Ed Pickford Songs - see black navigation bar at the top