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Words & music

 Ed Pickford © prs

Here’s a song for Larry Gibson

Kayford Mountain has his soul

Kayford Mountain West Virginia

Larry Gibson fought Big Coal

Big coal goes to sacred places

Ancient spaces carved by time

Dynamites the tops off mountains

Buries Streams to hide its crime


Larry Gibson - West Virginia

Mountain keeper all life long

Larry Gibson – West Virginia

This is Larry Gibson’s song

Love ‘em – or leave ‘em

Love ‘em – or leave ‘em

Love ‘em – or leave ‘em

Just don’t destroy ‘em

There’s 500 headless mountains

Liquidised for little gain

Man can’t put the heads on mountains

They won’t ever speak again

Mother Nature stalked the forests

Walked & talked since dawn of time

Larry Gibson’s green oasis

Floated in a sea of grime


Rest in peace bold Larry Gibson

Big coal hated all you done

Now you lie where they can’t hurt you

In your Kayford Mountain home

Buried mountain streams surround you

Hope you hear them as you sleep

Light you shone will go on shining

Heroes will your vigil keep



Appalachia you are weeping

Streams of tears are running deep

In the soil of Kayford mountain

Larry Gibson lies asleep

Song for Larry Gibson 1946 - 2012