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Words & music

 Ed Pickford © prs

I’ve a football flame inside - supplied by my old dad

To the football game we’d ride - a father & his lad

Football seems so different now - but back there in the day

Heroes seem much closer to - the folks who watched them play

As a child I often filed - through turnstiles with my dad

Little knowing as he smiled - that he’d spent all he had

Man & boy in football joy - what greater sight is seen?

Hand in hand we both would stand - and face that patch of green


I’d sell my soul to score a goal - for my old football team

Slide my ass through broken glass - to live my football  dream

Love the highs - hate the lows - maybe I’m a mug

As Sir Bobby used to say, “Football is a drug!”


If I was a millionaire - I’d buy a Silver Cloud

Drive my dad to anywhere - there was a football crowd

Head to toe in Savile Row - we’d stand there in each half

Watch the game, drink pink champagne - and wave a cashmere scarf


I’ve a football flame inside - supplied by my old dad

Didn’t have a lot to give - but he gave all he had

Proud old fashioned working man - who loved a football team

Nothing really went to plan - it as a love supreme



All those names from bygone games still give my heart a tug

As Sir Bobby used to say,”Football is a drug!”

Football is a Drug
FA Cup 1950’s